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10th Generation Honda Civic Forum VTEC TURBO

Check out the 2015 Civic Brochure that is going on sale in Europe in a few months. The american counterpart will be very similar
thank you for your support and enthusiasm

Another way to be redirected to the genxcivic community is by typing www.k20c.com

As you may already now, the type r Civic in europe carries a k20c1 engine
We have decided to fly one lucky petition supporter to Europe or Japan to test drive the new Civic Type R once it is available on showrooms.

To qualify for the raffle you will have to:

1) be a petition supporter
2)be a vtecturbo/genxcivic registered user

Let me know your thoughts about this. I am thinking about a 3 day all expenses paid stay and airfare all covered. I am currently trying to find a Honda dealer abroad that will let us test drive the car in advance before it is available. Worst case scenario , we can still find someone who would be willing to share their new car for a few hours.

So if you are abroad reading this, please email me at info@svmcams.com or message me in this forum for more information. Of course your time will be compensated

all the best!

2015 Civic Type R development car achieves Nürburgring lap time of 7:50....:
You can only enjoy this from a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet. Hold down the letter R on the keyboard or screen to experience the other side